Money Management

Cover Your Assets: Q&A on Insuring Your Business

Insurance is probably one of the most misunderstood and unappreciated elements of small-business management. Many owners see business insurance as a necessary evil, ... »

Getting a “Yes” from the Bank

Most small-business owners face the inevitable need for outside financing at some point. Specialty retailers in particular often complain that bankers don't underst... »

Bootstrapper’s Success Secrets: Seven Golden Rules for Working on a Shoestring Budget

"Bootstrapper" is a universal term in entrepreneurial circles. If you ask a room full of entrepreneurial professionals how many "bootstrapped" their ventures, the ma... »

Making it Count: How to Find the Right CPA

One of the greatest challenges you face in starting and running a business is sustaining an effective, workable, year-round system of financial management. A good ac... »

Guide to Financing Your Business

Adequate capitalization and cash-flow management are essential to the long-term success of any business. One of the greatest challenges an entrepreneur faces is obta... »

Planning for Profits

Countdown to a New Year and a New Millennium: Business owners need to think ahead and set goals for growing their business and keeping it strong and healthy. But bef... »

Getting Started on Credit

There's great news for entrepreneurs, especially women. Gone are the days (not so many years ago!) when few businesswomen were taken seriously enough to get start-up... »

The Five C’s of Credit

Cash. Money. Capital. Financing. No matter what you call it, one thing is for certain—you can't start or run a business without it. A business may begin with a... »

Seven Secrets of Profitable Websites

So you joined the gold rush to the World Wide Web, only to strike fool's gold. You are not alone. Many retailers have sunk their pickaxes into the wild, wild Interne... »
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