Money Management

Miracle Grow

There are factors internal to your business that you can control and affect the bottom line. Here are a few. Retailers often think that the next boost in their bu... »

Making Mobile POS Work

Mobile payment technologies make it easy to process payments on the road. Here's a list of what factors to consider when shopping for one. Businesses are constantly ... »

Pricing Produces Profits

The one-size-fits-all model definitely does not apply to pricing. Find out what strategies you can implement now to boost your business' bottom line. Pricing is one... »

Show Me the Money!

Every small business needs fuel—capital—to run on, including yours. Just where do you find it? Here's a rundown. You have the right products, the right location... »

Payments on the Go

PAYware Mobile allows retailers to process credit card transactions from their iPhones. As a retailer, imagine being able to conduct sales transactions no matter wh... »

Charge Ahead

As a specialty retailer you accept credit and debit cards every day. Here are five important points to remember that will help you get the most out of these transact... »

Recession-proof Your Business

Action Steps Nancy Tanker No matter where specialty retailers operate-mall, airport, theme park, resort, lifestyle center or anywhere else with a cart, kiosk or temp... »

Strategic Planning in One Day

You don't have to shut down your office for a week to create a successful strategic plan for your business's growth. In fact, you can create a successful plan for yo... »

My-K: Saving for Retirement

If you're like many self-employed business owners, you might assume a 401(k) retirement plan is out of reach. Or that your company just doesn't qualify. Not so! Ther... »

Computer Security: Protecting Employee Information

If your business is like most, computers have made payroll duties fast and efficient. Calculating deductions, printing checks, updating addresses—all those cri... »

Leasing Retail Space: Temp to Perm

"Going temp to perm." That's leasing shorthand for making the move from a temporary seasonal space to a permanent year-round one. Some temporary specialty retail ten... »

Traffic by the Numbers

Most entrepreneurs who are completely new to specialty retail still know enough to ask mall management for foot-traffic numbers before signing a lease. But like many... »

Extending the Season

In recent years, many seasonal retailers have learned that it pays to stay put. Being open not just after Christmas but well into January takes advantage of post-hol... »

Five Top Biz Killers

Why do most start-ups fail? As it turns out, the answer rarely lies with the location or product—even though many retailers think it does. It's not unusual for... »

Upgrade your POS

The latest retail software offers more ways to be productive—and productivity means profit. Among the innovations are better data-entry capabilities, sleek int... »
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