Inventory Management

Inventory Investment

Yan Krupnik Practical advice for how specialty retailers can make optimal stocking decisions with limited shelf space. Specialty retailers are faced with a pleth... »

RFID: Precision Inventory Management

Wal-Mart is spearheading the adoption of radio frequency identification in retail, but that doesn't mean smaller retailers can't benefit from this emerging technolog... »

Importing for Profits

Gina Hope can laugh about it now, but eight years ago, the first time she and her husband Greg ever tried importing, 500 of the 1,000 red-and-gold Christmas ornament... »

Money on the Shelf

Many retailers view inventory only as items to sell, the stuff that brings in customers. So they put very little effort into tracking it. Big mistake. It takes money... »

Moving Slow-Selling Items

Every specialty retailer gets saddled with some discontinued or mis-ordered items, remnants of fads, and other merchandise that just wouldn't move. It sits there tak... »

Time for a Change?

If your concept has seen a decline in sales, or if it's too similar to others in the mall, it's probably wise to start looking for new concepts for this year's summe... »
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