Retailer Profiles

Brotherly Love

Sometimes success comes from feelings. Sometimes it has organic, elemental, familial roots. For Alex and Christian Longa, founders of Love Is in the Air, it's all of... »

Endless Pursuit

When Scott Bowron and Melissa Gunn-Bowron established Endless Editions, their popular line of embroidered and appliquéd apparel, they established a distinct p... »

Just Add Water

"Water massage for mall-going crowds." Makes you wonder. After all, on-the-go shoppers would rather stay dry-wouldn't they? Antoine Simmons has an answer to that. As... »

Getting the Scoop on Sales

Weary wanderers can catch a break from high-tech gizmos and high-speed living at ScoopDaddy's. Chill out with a chocolate shake, and order a fridge magnet to go at t... »

Show and Sell

"Let me show you how this works on your own nail." Miguell Giffuni encourages the customer standing at his cart. She readily lets him demonstrate, so that she can ex... »

All in the Family

"The Family Business." It has a nice, solid ring to it, harkening back to a long-standing tradition that probably began before there was money. The family-business f... »

Sweet Taste of Victory

Veronica Hegarty recalls dire predictions from family members when she and her husband, Tony Bassile, decided to earn a living by selling nothing but fudge and peanu... »

Snapshot of Success

Family ties are important to Jacci Little. That's why she started Snaps, a seasonal, stand-alone photography kiosk, with her father, David Little. But Snaps isn't an... »

Taking a Shot at Success

"Swiping" saloon souvenirs—surreptitiously helping oneself to coasters, napkins, and even those nifty lighted beer signs—is almost de rigueur among colle... »

Retail’s Whiz Kid

Some people might think all teenaged "cart jockeys" are flighty, unfocused clock-watchers with a 'zine in one hand, a snack in the other and the radio blaring—... »

Little Dreams

When Brazilian native Dee Duarte left São Paolo for Windsor, Ontario, in 1996, it was only supposed to be a temporary move. A secretary for a Brazilian automo... »

Boo Bucks and Fun Feet: Pushing the Limits

A self-proclaimed pioneer of cart commerce in the New England area, Gary Bliss Garabedian, Aah! La Cart's president and CEO, began his entrepreneurial career at a ti... »

Marci’s Art

The exact point at which her specialty retail dream came true is a little sketchy, with all the exciting opportunities it has afforded her since April 1997. But Marc... »

Pet Profits

John Vino isn't surprised to hear a Gallup poll reveal that 27 million Americans give their dogs Christmas presents, and that six million throw birthday parties for ... »

Shoppertainment, Statistically Speaking

During the Christmas season, Steve Harris, president of TASK Management in Burbank, CA, has his eyes trained on his fax machine. The sales reports he's receiving on ... »
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