Retailer Profiles

Clear Skies, Flying High

Max F. James has come a long way from his rural roots. From flying high with astronauts in the Astronaut Recovery Program at Cape Canaveral, to Air Force Combat Air ... »

Pretty Little Baby Doll

Imagine you're an eight-year-old girl walking hand in hand with your mother through the mall, and you see the window of what appears to be a real, live nursery full ... »

Truly Charming

By now you've seen the charm bracelet that's a coast-to-coast craze. From grade-schoolers to grandmas, women are spending big bucks on them, sometimes hundreds of do... »

Shades of Success

If you see the world through rose-colored glasses—or gray or blue or amber—you may have Sal Babbino and Marc Behar to thank for it. They're the dynamic d... »

Beach & Resort Sales Bounce Back

A fragile economy coupled with terrorist activity have taken a heavy toll on travel and tourism. Fewer travelers and tourists mean fewer customers for the manufactur... »

The Golden Touch

In the news: Infomercial sets $250 million record sales... QVC rings up $8.5 million in sales during Southwestern jewelry special... Headlines like these make some c... »

A Season in the Country

Tim Seivers believes that everyone who wants to feel good inside is a potential customer for the home décor items in Homespun Country Store kiosks and stores.... »

Big Presence, Big Future

Once upon a time, partners Michael Brielmann and Mat Meinzinger decided to "get personal" by creating a personalized-gift products company. What they found was a pat... »

Faux Hair is Back!

I can't do a thing with my hair." It's a time-honored lament uttered in front of mirrors everywhere. But thanks to some new tricks (and technology), the proverbial "... »

Where Are They Now?

Entrepreneurial Spirit Like Edison, these entrepreneurs didn't give up. Instead, they worked to find new strategies that led to their success. For some, this meant c... »

In The Zone

Virgil Klunder didn't know he was at risk for a heart attack—or anything else. That's because he was adopted as an infant, and at a time (not so many years ago... »

Stars, Stripes and Spirit

In the wake of September 11th, a renewed patriotism and pride sparked a demand for everything red, white, and blue. George Siganos, retail entrepreneur, took the ini... »

Sailing Through Time

Much of the time, Leonard Xerri (pronounced "sherry") sounds like a Wall Street veteran, rattling off sales figures in staccato, talking lease rates and market trend... »

Try, Try Again

Two childhood friends came to the United States from Turkey in the mid-'90s and started on college degrees in computer science at about the time technology really to... »

Moving the Merchandise

Chuck Homier worked in the furniture and auction business just about all his life. At 16, he was a licensed auctioneer and, unlike other teenagers, he would spend hi... »
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