Entrepreneur Profiles

Inside the “Studio”

Karla Jordan has incredible on-target intuition about the market, and understands the tremendous retail opportunities carts and kiosks offer. She also understands ho... »

The Power of More

If you said the secret to success in the retail cart business is a great product, Steve Harris would disagree. Sure, the product is important, but what's more import... »

Sweet Smell of Success

The road to success, as any entrepreneur knows, is bumpy at best. And A.J. and Meena Chad may know it better than most. This husband-and-wife team of entrepreneurs h... »

Gearing Up

"Brilliant no-brainer." That's the best way to describe CD3 Storage Systems, Inc. and their Discgear brand of products. The no-brainer part comes from the explosion ... »

LoveSac Story

Once upon a time not so long ago, a teenager named Shawn Nelson made something. A very big something. It was like a giant beanbag but it wasn't a beanbag. (No, not a... »

Pretty Little Baby Doll

Imagine you're an eight-year-old girl walking hand in hand with your mother through the mall, and you see the window of what appears to be a real, live nursery full ... »

Truly Charming

By now you've seen the charm bracelet that's a coast-to-coast craze. From grade-schoolers to grandmas, women are spending big bucks on them, sometimes hundreds of do... »

A Season in the Country

Tim Seivers believes that everyone who wants to feel good inside is a potential customer for the home décor items in Homespun Country Store kiosks and stores.... »

Stars, Stripes and Spirit

In the wake of September 11th, a renewed patriotism and pride sparked a demand for everything red, white, and blue. George Siganos, retail entrepreneur, took the ini... »

Where Are They Now?

Entrepreneurial Spirit Like Edison, these entrepreneurs didn't give up. Instead, they worked to find new strategies that led to their success. For some, this meant c... »

Try, Try Again

Two childhood friends came to the United States from Turkey in the mid-'90s and started on college degrees in computer science at about the time technology really to... »

Moving the Merchandise

Chuck Homier worked in the furniture and auction business just about all his life. At 16, he was a licensed auctioneer and, unlike other teenagers, he would spend hi... »

Just Add Water

"Water massage for mall-going crowds." Makes you wonder. After all, on-the-go shoppers would rather stay dry-wouldn't they? Antoine Simmons has an answer to that. As... »

All in the Family

"The Family Business." It has a nice, solid ring to it, harkening back to a long-standing tradition that probably began before there was money. The family-business f... »

Getting the Scoop on Sales

Weary wanderers can catch a break from high-tech gizmos and high-speed living at ScoopDaddy's. Chill out with a chocolate shake, and order a fridge magnet to go at t... »
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