Entrepreneur Profiles

Heads Up

For two guys on the verge of their biggest Christmas season ever, Scott Molander and Glenn Campbell, founders of Hat World, Inc., were remarkably calm. "I don't real... »

Inside the “Studio”

Karla Jordan has incredible on-target intuition about the market, and understands the tremendous retail opportunities carts and kiosks offer. She also understands ho... »

The Power of More

If you said the secret to success in the retail cart business is a great product, Steve Harris would disagree. Sure, the product is important, but what's more import... »

Sweet Smell of Success

The road to success, as any entrepreneur knows, is bumpy at best. And A.J. and Meena Chad may know it better than most. This husband-and-wife team of entrepreneurs h... »

Gearing Up

"Brilliant no-brainer." That's the best way to describe CD3 Storage Systems, Inc. and their Discgear brand of products. The no-brainer part comes from the explosion ... »

LoveSac Story

Once upon a time not so long ago, a teenager named Shawn Nelson made something. A very big something. It was like a giant beanbag but it wasn't a beanbag. (No, not a... »

Pretty Little Baby Doll

Imagine you're an eight-year-old girl walking hand in hand with your mother through the mall, and you see the window of what appears to be a real, live nursery full ... »

Truly Charming

By now you've seen the charm bracelet that's a coast-to-coast craze. From grade-schoolers to grandmas, women are spending big bucks on them, sometimes hundreds of do... »

A Season in the Country

Tim Seivers believes that everyone who wants to feel good inside is a potential customer for the home décor items in Homespun Country Store kiosks and stores.... »

Where Are They Now?

Entrepreneurial Spirit Like Edison, these entrepreneurs didn't give up. Instead, they worked to find new strategies that led to their success. For some, this meant c... »

Stars, Stripes and Spirit

In the wake of September 11th, a renewed patriotism and pride sparked a demand for everything red, white, and blue. George Siganos, retail entrepreneur, took the ini... »

Try, Try Again

Two childhood friends came to the United States from Turkey in the mid-'90s and started on college degrees in computer science at about the time technology really to... »

Moving the Merchandise

Chuck Homier worked in the furniture and auction business just about all his life. At 16, he was a licensed auctioneer and, unlike other teenagers, he would spend hi... »

Just Add Water

"Water massage for mall-going crowds." Makes you wonder. After all, on-the-go shoppers would rather stay dry-wouldn't they? Antoine Simmons has an answer to that. As... »

Getting the Scoop on Sales

Weary wanderers can catch a break from high-tech gizmos and high-speed living at ScoopDaddy's. Chill out with a chocolate shake, and order a fridge magnet to go at t... »
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