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Feats of Clay

Christmas comes 365 days a year for Debi Allison. As the designer and artisan behind the hundreds of adorable hand-crafted Christmas ornaments Deb & Co. (Buena V... »

Leaders of the Pack

Bruce Singer and Jay Oxenhorn are opposites: Singer, the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit; Oxenhorn, the by-the-book numbers guy. Together, they make serious mo... »

Enterprising Guy

If Tim Runner were to write a book, he'd call it Businesses I Have Failed At. Talk to this extremely knowledgeable yet self-deprecating entrepreneur, and you see why... »

Body Language

Do "barbells" make you think of he-men? Do nose rings make you think of bulls? Does a teen with a 14k ringlet in his eyebrow or a sapphire-and-sterling stud in her n... »

Clear Skies, Flying High

Max F. James has come a long way from his rural roots. From flying high with astronauts in the Astronaut Recovery Program at Cape Canaveral, to Air Force Combat Air ... »

Shades of Success

If you see the world through rose-colored glasses—or gray or blue or amber—you may have Sal Babbino and Marc Behar to thank for it. They're the dynamic d... »

The Golden Touch

In the news: Infomercial sets $250 million record sales... QVC rings up $8.5 million in sales during Southwestern jewelry special... Headlines like these make some c... »

Big Presence, Big Future

Once upon a time, partners Michael Brielmann and Mat Meinzinger decided to "get personal" by creating a personalized-gift products company. What they found was a pat... »

Faux Hair is Back!

I can't do a thing with my hair." It's a time-honored lament uttered in front of mirrors everywhere. But thanks to some new tricks (and technology), the proverbial "... »

In The Zone

Virgil Klunder didn't know he was at risk for a heart attack—or anything else. That's because he was adopted as an infant, and at a time (not so many years ago... »

Sailing Through Time

Much of the time, Leonard Xerri (pronounced "sherry") sounds like a Wall Street veteran, rattling off sales figures in staccato, talking lease rates and market trend... »

Brotherly Love

Sometimes success comes from feelings. Sometimes it has organic, elemental, familial roots. For Alex and Christian Longa, founders of Love Is in the Air, it's all of... »

Endless Pursuit

When Scott Bowron and Melissa Gunn-Bowron established Endless Editions, their popular line of embroidered and appliquéd apparel, they established a distinct p... »

Show and Sell

"Let me show you how this works on your own nail." Miguell Giffuni encourages the customer standing at his cart. She readily lets him demonstrate, so that she can ex... »

Retail’s Whiz Kid

Some people might think all teenaged "cart jockeys" are flighty, unfocused clock-watchers with a 'zine in one hand, a snack in the other and the radio blaring—... »
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