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Ringing Up Profits

LivePOS, headquartered in La Jolla, CA, offers a cloud point-of-sale solution that is uniquely designed to accommodate the needs of the growing specialty retail indu... »

A Perfectly Polished Concept

A fresh, affordable service concept in specialty retail, combined with years of experience ensures LAKA will continue to nail profits. Rick Elbaz, Zohar Liran and R... »

Hot Product; Cool Company

Heating pads with "magical" demonstration powers and the focus on customer service have made Helios Heater a strong contender in the specialty retail business. Heli... »

Fashion Forward

The revolutionary cosmetics company, Bellapierre, has enjoyed meteoric growth through its specialty retail outlets. As it sets its sights on further expansion, the c... »

Beads You Can Bank On

They're fun and easy and best of all for specialty retailers, a great impulse buy. Find out how Brissys is bringing
DIY bead jewelry to the common area and fast be... »

The Power of Perform X

Perform X, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of performance-enhancing bands, and more, not only 
gives power to those wearing them—but to retailers carrying... »

The Sweet Cell of Success

Cellairis recognizes that image is everything. Its broad range of cell phone accessories makes customers’ cell phones an extension of their personalities. With rin... »

Lighting up Sales!

Publicly traded Vapor Corp. has a hot product on its hands. Its electronic cigarettes are delivering glowing profits to specialty retailers all across the country. W... »

The Deep Sea and Its Many Treasures

Shay Sabag, president of Deep Sea Cosmetics, in Miami, FL, not only launched a trend; he transformed it into a specialty retail mainstay. In the constantly changing... »

Cashing In on the Feel of Cashmere

Dave Coury, of Cashmere Elegance in Erie, PA, is ramping up sales with a newly unveiled owner-operator program. One of today's hottest fashion accessories is a simp... »

Driven Toward Success

Rick Elbaz, owner of Car Kitool in Las Vegas, is taking his latest success to an all-new level: retailers. Elbaz isn't new to the world of specialty retail. Far fro... »

Threading a Success Story

Elizabeth Porikos-Gorgees first experienced brow threading in 1997 on Devon Avenue—a primarily South Asian neighborhood—in Chicago. "I was going to a wedding and... »

Stamping Out Success Stories

Take one look at the elaborate fingernail art—detailed and colorful flowers, butterflies, seahorses, dolphins, even Santa Claus—and it's hard to believe that the... »

Magical Millions

"Everyone loves a magic show," says Aviel Shor, president of Tricks R Us, home of Mr. Fuzzy, in Las Vegas, NV, with 50 plus cart locations. Shor has crafted a thrivi... »

He’s Got Game

Remember the first generation Xbox, a watershed launch back in the fall of 2001? Emre Gol sure does. He remembers customers waiting countless hours in lines snaking ... »
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