Cover Stories

Hot Product; Cool Company

Heating pads with "magical" demonstration powers and the focus on customer service have made Helios Heater a strong contender in the specialty retail business. Heli... »

Fashion Forward

The revolutionary cosmetics company, Bellapierre, has enjoyed meteoric growth through its specialty retail outlets. As it sets its sights on further expansion, the c... »

Beads You Can Bank On

They're fun and easy and best of all for specialty retailers, a great impulse buy. Find out how Brissys is bringing
DIY bead jewelry to the common area and fast be... »

The Power of Perform X

Perform X, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of performance-enhancing bands, and more, not only 
gives power to those wearing them—but to retailers carrying... »

The Sweet Cell of Success

Cellairis recognizes that image is everything. Its broad range of cell phone accessories makes customers’ cell phones an extension of their personalities. With rin... »

Lighting up Sales!

Publicly traded Vapor Corp. has a hot product on its hands. Its electronic cigarettes are delivering glowing profits to specialty retailers all across the country. W... »

The Deep Sea and Its Many Treasures

Shay Sabag, president of Deep Sea Cosmetics, in Miami, FL, not only launched a trend; he transformed it into a specialty retail mainstay. In the constantly changing... »

Cashing In on the Feel of Cashmere

Dave Coury, of Cashmere Elegance in Erie, PA, is ramping up sales with a newly unveiled owner-operator program. One of today's hottest fashion accessories is a simp... »

Driven Toward Success

Rick Elbaz, owner of Car Kitool in Las Vegas, is taking his latest success to an all-new level: retailers. Elbaz isn't new to the world of specialty retail. Far fro... »

Threading a Success Story

Elizabeth Porikos-Gorgees first experienced brow threading in 1997 on Devon Avenue—a primarily South Asian neighborhood—in Chicago. "I was going to a wedding and... »

Stamping Out Success Stories

Take one look at the elaborate fingernail art—detailed and colorful flowers, butterflies, seahorses, dolphins, even Santa Claus—and it's hard to believe that the... »

Magical Millions

"Everyone loves a magic show," says Aviel Shor, president of Tricks R Us, home of Mr. Fuzzy, in Las Vegas, NV, with 50 plus cart locations. Shor has crafted a thrivi... »

He’s Got Game

Remember the first generation Xbox, a watershed launch back in the fall of 2001? Emre Gol sure does. He remembers customers waiting countless hours in lines snaking ... »

Smokin’ Hot

Some products come along at just the right time, when societal trends and technological advances merge to create new markets for savvy entrepreneurs. Elicko Taieb an... »

Wind Power: Making Sales a Breeze

When artist Ron Spinks started dabbling in metalwork at his home studio in Denton, TX several years ago, the idea that by 2008 he would have one of the hottest cart ... »
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