Retail Staffing and Hiring

Women in Retail

Entrepreneurs Twenty-plus years ago, when American business adopted the word "entrepreneur" (French for "enterpriser"), it meant "men." At least, that's how most peo... »

Employer Beware

Pre-employment background checks can save your business from the costly error of hiring a bad apple. Got a hot prospect for a supervisory position? You'll want to ch... »

In Search of Excellence

Gone are the days when you could run a help-wanted ad and enjoy a deluge of resumes from top-quality applicants. Nowadays, unemployment figures are running at a 25-y... »

Hiring the First-Time Worker

Employers face costly risks in hiring untested workers. The hard reality is that many first-time workers will come in late, perform poorly and treat customers shabbi... »

How to Talk to a Tough Customer

Uh-oh. Here it comes: the flushed face, the rapid breathing, the clenched teeth—the angry customer. Remember the Perato Principle? It's the one that says 80 pe... »
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