Retail Staffing and Hiring

Hiring for the Sales Floor

Finding and choosing the right person to work for you is a tough challenge. It's particularly tough when you're hiring someone to sell for you in your cart or store.... »

Time to Hire a Store Manager?

Running your cart or shop yourself can be fun. Chatting with customers, designing displays, dreaming up promotions, unpacking new inventory, making sales. What a gre... »

Outsell Your Competition

The economy's tight. The market's down. Competition's tough. There's only so much anyone can do. Sound familiar? It's a common refrain these days—retailers hu... »

Body Language

Some call it a sixth sense, or intuition, or gut feeling. In reality, it's the messages people send out—without even realizing it—and others receive and ... »

Stress Busters

The pressure's on. Gone are the days when businesses responded to increased workloads by hiring more people. Faced with the need to wring more profit from limited re... »

Help Wanted

Hiring employees can be daunting. It takes: time, energy and expense to find the right someone. But before you even start the search process, you have to decide what... »

Are They Being Served?

Who needs customer service? You do. Good customer service makes the sale today and brings customers back tomorrow. Too often, though, many retailers whine about cost... »

Hiring Smart

It's probably not news that choosing the right applicant from the pool of available talent is a tough challenge when you're filling a sales slot. You want someone wh... »

Coach for Success

Here's the problem: An employee is chronically late completing certain job tasks, which creates delays and otherwise robs profitability from your business. What do y... »

Beating the Big Box

Back in the day, Main Street was lined with storefronts and dotted with vendors on carts. Then came department stores. And now, "big-box" stores, systematically knoc... »

Finding Great Employees

Seven Secrets for Staffing Up You want to hire only the best employees, but where are they? Chances are, they're happily working for someone else. Despite the spate ... »

In The Background

Checking Job Applicants You've got a couple of promising applicants. They look great on paper, but how do you know if the resume is legit? Or that the last job was e... »

Partners in Profit

If business is a "battle," then you're in it to win. As the five-star general, you study the terrain, plan a strategy, and lead the troops. But can you win if your e... »

Firing Employees: 10 Tips for Doing it Right

You hear a firm, startling knock at your door one night. You're not expecting anyone. You open the door. A uniformed officer asks your name. "I have a summons for yo... »

Turning Part-Timers into Profit-Makers

For retail business owners who count on part-time employees, motivating them can be a big challenge. Part-time jobs attract a range of workers—from students to... »
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