Retail Staffing and Hiring

Managing Seasonal Employees

Starting your search Where do seasonal specialty retailers go to find employees? Where everyone else does: the Internet. Although big-name sites like or ... »

Golden Oldies

Squeeze play In their drive to find quality workers, employers are pressured by competing forces. People born at the end of World War II are now eyeing retirement, m... »

A Players

What personal characteristic makes the best hire? Until recently most employers would place their bets on "competency," or the command of needed skills. But in today... »

Employee Motivation

The vast majority of today's workers report they are overworked and underappreciated. This is partly because many retailers are not sure what they should be doing to... »

25 Time Management Tips

Sometimes effective time management means getting organized and other times it means just saying "no." Here are 25 tips to keep you focused and save you time. 1. Ask... »

When to Hire an Expert

Spend money to make money, the saying goes. But sometimes you have to spend money to keep making money, or to keep out of trouble. Sometimes you have to buy an exper... »

Managing Part-Timers

10 Traps to Avoid Motivating full-time employees is hard enough, but part-time workers pose a special challenge. How do you light fires under people who are with you... »

Conducting a Great Performance Review

The performance review: an ordeal that's loathed, feared and often rescheduled until it can't be put off any longer. So common is the tendency to disparage the tradi... »

Age Bias

The workforce is getting older. If you're like most retailers, you have or will have older employees, and you have to grapple with this fact: Age discrimination is i... »

The Coach Approach

Let's say you have an employee who always takes too long to get certain job tasks done. And causes delays and costs you time and money. What do you do? Wait—th... »

Getting Staff to Stick

Retail isn't always a picnic, especially during the holiday season. Dealing with rushed, even rude customers and doing "gruntwork" for hours on end can make staffers... »

Painless Payroll

Most business owners think of attorneys' fees for legal advice or accountants' fees for financial advice or tax prep as a cost of doing business. But they don't put ... »


Who gets paid overtime? If you're like most employers, that question causes more than a few sleepless nights. After all, a good deal of money rides on the answer. Lo... »

Hiring for the Sales Floor

Finding and choosing the right person to work for you is a tough challenge. It's particularly tough when you're hiring someone to sell for you in your cart or store.... »

Time to Hire a Store Manager?

Running your cart or shop yourself can be fun. Chatting with customers, designing displays, dreaming up promotions, unpacking new inventory, making sales. What a gre... »
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