Employee Management

Get Happy!

Happy retailer, cheerful staff: a great combination—not just for a pleasant workplace, but for profitability. Don't believe it? The fact is, enthusiastic emplo... »

Stress Busters

The pressure's on. Gone are the days when businesses responded to increased workloads by hiring more people. Faced with the need to wring more profit from limited re... »

Coach for Success

Here's the problem: An employee is chronically late completing certain job tasks, which creates delays and otherwise robs profitability from your business. What do y... »

Partners in Profit

If business is a "battle," then you're in it to win. As the five-star general, you study the terrain, plan a strategy, and lead the troops. But can you win if your e... »

Firing Employees: 10 Tips for Doing it Right

You hear a firm, startling knock at your door one night. You're not expecting anyone. You open the door. A uniformed officer asks your name. "I have a summons for yo... »

Turning Part-Timers into Profit-Makers

For retail business owners who count on part-time employees, motivating them can be a big challenge. Part-time jobs attract a range of workers—from students to... »

Employer Beware

Pre-employment background checks can save your business from the costly error of hiring a bad apple. Got a hot prospect for a supervisory position? You'll want to ch... »

In Search of Excellence

Gone are the days when you could run a help-wanted ad and enjoy a deluge of resumes from top-quality applicants. Nowadays, unemployment figures are running at a 25-y... »
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