Customer Service

Boosting Customer Loyalty

I can’t think of single more powerful tool for a business in the modern time than loyalty; it reaches across and slaps the face of businesses that choose to trade ... »

Service with a Smile

Sometimes no matter what you do, there’s that customer who wants more – now! Compound this with the holidays and it’s easy to let a situation get out of hand. ... »

Calming “Customonsters”

In the last two decades in particular, several key factors—increased retail competition, the rise of customization, and a near-total adoption of the philosophy... »

Are you a great store manager?

At the most basic level, every successful retailer must know how to display merchandise, schedule staff and take inventory. But those basic retail skills are only pa... »

When to Hire an Expert

Spend money to make money, the saying goes. But sometimes you have to spend money to keep making money, or to keep out of trouble. Sometimes you have to buy an exper... »

Heart to Heart Selling

Customers say they buy with their heads, but they really decide with their hearts. And like Cupid, it's the heart that retailers must aim at to make people "fall in ... »

Body Language

Some call it a sixth sense, or intuition, or gut feeling. In reality, it's the messages people send out—without even realizing it—and others receive and ... »

Outsell Your Competition

The economy's tight. The market's down. Competition's tough. There's only so much anyone can do. Sound familiar? It's a common refrain these days—retailers hu... »

Are They Being Served?

Who needs customer service? You do. Good customer service makes the sale today and brings customers back tomorrow. Too often, though, many retailers whine about cost... »

Beating the Big Box

Back in the day, Main Street was lined with storefronts and dotted with vendors on carts. Then came department stores. And now, "big-box" stores, systematically knoc... »

How to Talk to a Tough Customer

Uh-oh. Here it comes: the flushed face, the rapid breathing, the clenched teeth—the angry customer. Remember the Perato Principle? It's the one that says 80 pe... »
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