Retail Staffing and Hiring

Creative Ways to Hire Seasonal Help

Prepare for the holiday onslaught before crunch time. Do you face the same old conundrum each year? The profitable holiday season looms, but you’re at loose end... »

Boosting Customer Loyalty

I can’t think of single more powerful tool for a business in the modern time than loyalty; it reaches across and slaps the face of businesses that choose to trade ... »

Holiday Help

Your holiday employees are the backbone of your business. Here’s how to find and retain stellar staff. Consider what it takes to hire someone: the time and expe... »

Service with a Smile

Sometimes no matter what you do, there’s that customer who wants more – now! Compound this with the holidays and it’s easy to let a situation get out of hand. ... »

Hiring Holiday Help

There’s a lot of work involved with finding and hiring holiday employees. Getting the right people into place before the bells start jingling is a critical compone... »

Best Practices Training for Leasing Professionals

SRR's Specialty Leasing Designation Certificate Program sharpens essential professional skills. Whether you're a new specialty leasing manager or you have been work... »

Make the Holidays Merry

You can take steps to reduce stress levels and stimulate more sales during the coming Christmas season. Schedule early, plan strategies for angry customers and monit... »

Just the F.A.C.T.S. About Seasonal Hiring

If you're looking to hire seasonal employees, here's a quick checklist to run down, to make sure you're only hiring the very best. When faced with the prospect of... »

What qualities should one look for when making a new hire?

Coleen McNelis, Vice President of Specialty Leasing at Macerich
Coleen McNelis, Vice President of Specialty Leasing at Macerich
www.macerich.comQualities that... »

How do you get your staff to be as invested in your business as you are?

Do you have staff just lounging around at the RMU? Are they making the most out of every sales opportunity that passes them by? Here's how to get your employees enth... »

Stop Hiring the Wrong People!

A young retail entrepreneur who currently owns three businesses and has enough ideas to start several more recently took a comprehensive exam designed to reveal his ... »

10 Cost Effective Ways to Keep Great Employees

Employees matter. No, they really matter. In fact, it's safe to say that the men and women who work for you are everything. Think about it. Your competitors have acc... »

Calming “Customonsters”

In the last two decades in particular, several key factors—increased retail competition, the rise of customization, and a near-total adoption of the philosophy... »

Are you a great store manager?

At the most basic level, every successful retailer must know how to display merchandise, schedule staff and take inventory. But those basic retail skills are only pa... »

Feeling at Home

Outsiders Do non-family employees feel like "outsiders" in your family business? If so, it's a sure bet that they have low morale and simmering resentments that are ... »
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