Unique Concepts

A Neat Idea

Targeting the business traveler, The Neat Company has been doing brisk sales at airport kiosks offering a product that makes travel time productive—and travelers a... »

Warming Up to Chilly Jilly

A product line based on a cool idea and a dose of practicality is poised to heat up specialty retail. While its name conjures up images of a winter day, the idea fo... »

Carbon Curbing Idea Takes Off

A new kiosk at San Francisco airport allows travelers to offset the carbon emissions from their flights and raises awareness of individual responsibility for the env... »

Leave Room for Moobella

Self-serve ice cream delivered from a kiosk, made fresh on order, is an idea that's warming up to positive reviews. Imagine fresh, hard-packed ice cream of your c... »

Loco-Motives: On Track for Growth

After a year of research, Jim Stasiowski, president and chief executive officer of Loco-Motives LLC, decided on something traditional to bring to shopping malls—a ... »

Cold Relief Heats Up Sales

For more than a decade, the therapeutic aromas and fragrances sold by Spa Concepts, Inc. have sought to soothe and relax. The Tallahassee, FL-based company led by hu... »

On a Quest for Traffic

Lee Little says the neat thing about Ranger Quest—a handheld game to be used at the malls—is that in addition to being fun, it has a great, hidden advantage for ... »

Little Design Idea Makes Big Impact

Great business ideas can be realized during life's simplest moments. When Debby Yennaco Peretz's school-aged son asked her how to spell bug, she made a picture of th... »

Marketing Song and Dance

Consider this: Nearly 100 million votes were cast during the American Idol finals this year. Roughly the same number of people log in to their account on Facebook, t... »

New Kiosk Concept: Eyes Mall Market

When Bart Foster, chief executive officer of Atlanta-based SoloHealth, launched EyeSite, an eye health self-service kiosk, he suspected that most people did not have... »

Cracking Open a Fortune

Part of the fun of cracking open a fortune cookie is the little "fortune" tucked inside. Now Stephanie and Tom Benner, a husband and wife team from Fallbrook, CA, ar... »

A Golden Opportunity

If the 1849 California Gold Rush was all about people wanting to get gold, today's Goldrush hopes to cash in on people wanting to do the opposite: offload their gold... »

A Pipe Dream Come True

At the Mall at Sears in Anchorage, Alaska, shoppers can see Sarah Palin and President Obama jostling for space with Spongebob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse. There Ken... »

‘Tis the Season for Profits

Last holiday season, Laura and Jerrod Jones were too busy ringing up sales to complain about the economy. The mother-and-son team opened their first seasonal inline ... »

Dayton Mall Purr-fect Setting for Meowza

Most clothing stores offer a dressing room for customers to try on potential new purchases. At Meowza, customers can try on a new addition to the household-a feline ... »
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