Unique Concepts

The Fluff that Dreams are Made Of

A bedding manufacturer licenses an interactive pillow-making experience through a stand-alone kiosk. The Dream Machine is a kiosk that creates customized pillows wh... »

Through the Looking Glass

A new line of glass figurines sets up a wonderland of collectibles for the public and an opportunity for specialty retailers. A new line of glass figurines sets up ... »

A Polished Performance

An entrepreneur-inventor comes up with a novel way of applying nail polish—and in the process, develops a new demonstration concept in specialty retail. For the l... »

Plush with Success

The owners of BuddyTops are convinced their line of plush hats will have profits covered. Luis Kain and Nacer Hamai believe their products are a perfect marriage of... »

Sweet Success in Candy Land

Through hundreds of self-serve kiosks, Detroit-based Sweet City is racking up profits one quarter at a time. Fifteen years ago, Leonard Daitch, a veteran of the ret... »

Inflatable Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

A patented plush toy can be deflated for easy storage—and pumped up for easy sales. As most consumers know, stuffed animals have a way of "breeding." After severa... »

iStyleoriginals Bites into Apple’s Culture

Canadian apparel company attracts techies and the shoppers who love them with "i"-Culture T-shirts. Graphic artist and teacher Robert Smith knew he was on to someth... »

Vigix: New Kiosk on The Block

With a footprint of just two square feet and relatively low startup costs, the Vigix self-serve kiosk is set to shake up the industry. Cambridge, MA-based Vigix is ... »

Berry Good Wines

A specialty retailer in Florida offers wines made from berries, and tropical and citrus fruit—not to mention vegetables and tomatoes. Not all wines are made from ... »

Success Is No Illusion

With a mysterious name and puzzling products, Black Box Illusions attracts attention and customers. Yaniv Gross is one of six partners at Black Box Illusions. He sa... »

“Candy Shop” Jewelry

Applemint attracts teens and 20-something shoppers with a "candy shop" of jewelry treasures. When Kye Park and his mother Kwang Sook Choi took over D & D Florida Imp... »

Crafty Business

Jules Artwear has been in the specialty retail business for more than 15 years. The secret? Enticing displays, a constantly updated product mix and a multi-pronged m... »

Books on Demand

With an Espresso Book Machine, more than 3 million book titles and self-published works can be printed on the spot. Despite a large upfront investment, this concept ... »

Cell Phones Get Credit

ecoATM is a self-service kiosk that lets customers responsibly recycle old cell phones. Long lines at existing locations speak to their ringing endorsement of the co... »

A Profitable Quest

Tapping into the continuing appeal of wizards and dragons, a new attraction at the Mall of America promises a magical experience for all, and entices shoppers to ret... »
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