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Hey, Doll

From Raggedy Ann to Barbie and beyond, dolls have always been regarded as the universal "girl toy." Dolls of all kinds predate the modern versions we're familiar wit... »

The Name Game

Coca-Cola T-shirts, NFL beer mugs, and Scooby-Doo snack jars. Godzilla dolls, Harry Potter soup bowls, and National Wildlife Foundation mouse pads. These are just a ... »

Pretty Please

Try it On Upscale department stores have them. So do drugstores and groceries. Women everywhere expect, look for and try makeup "testers"—counter displays of o... »

Down the Garden Path

Accessorize the Garden Every spring and summer, garden stores carried all the perennial standards—the flamingos, gazing balls, birdbaths and feeders and lots o... »

Mad About the Cow

Just when you thought the public was no longer mad for cows and you packed away all that cutesy, country black-and-white moo-chandise, here comes Cows on Parade, mar... »

Deck the Malls

Crazy for Ornaments Linda DePue's customers are crazy for collectible Christmas ornaments. How crazy? Each year they brave a midsummer's midnight to get to DePue's s... »

Clicks & Bricks

Imagine a place that energizes your senses ... with vibrant colors and sounds ... and the power to take you where you've never been before ... See things you never k... »

Time for Tea

Teaism is alive and well as a chain of three specialty tea houses and restaurants in Washington, DC. Stop in sometime and you might find George Stephanopolous sippin... »

Playing with Fire

Votives and tapers, cubes and cylinders, multi-wick and more: interest in all kinds of candles has spread like wildfire. Every day, every season, customers are drawn... »

New Age Moves Toward Main Street

If you simply must have a Tibetan singing bowl, a kambala or even a didgeridoo, see Mark Seaman. He's in the business of using sound to make people feel better. Eart... »


I get several calls a month from friends and associates in the specialty retail field, and the question is always the same: "Have you seen any new products?" While n... »
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