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The Joy of Toys

Before long, the weather will turn frosty, Santa's elves will start pulling all-nighters, and parents will comb the malls in droves for the perfect toys to put under... »

It’s About Time

Times a-changin' But while the picture is still grim for mid-price (over $100) watches, lower-end watches are leading the recovery. "Fashion" watches in the $10-$50 ... »

Demo Sells!

Tell people what you want them to know, and maybe they'll understand it and even remember it for a while. But show them, involve them, and they'll "get it" and retai... »

The Teen Scene

"That's sooo 10 minutes ago," she says as she rolls her eyes, dismissing this or that as way passé. She's a teen, and she knows what she's talking about. So d... »

Down the Aisle

There's going to be a wedding—nearly two and a half million of them, actually. Weddings with all the trimmings are back in vogue, and the wedding market grows ... »

Food Glorious Food

Americans are sitting down to family dinner again, home-cooked in their own kitchens. Not a return to the '50s, but one of the lingering effects of 9/11: we have fam... »

Baby, Baby!

"Come to a baby shower!" Or two or three. Surprise! Baby showers or, more precisely, baby gifts are big business. Used to be that baby showers were one to a customer... »

Candle, Candle, Burning Bright

Pillars, tapers, tea lights, votives... candles in countless sizes, shapes, shades and scents have become a staple of home, hearth and beyond since the early 1990s. ... »

Outside the Envelope

In You've Got Mail, rival booksellers Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks get to know each other (or not) entirely via email. But the movie is a remake of The Shop around the Cor... »

A New Sense of Calm

The woman next door confides that she's addicted to aromatherapy bath salts. The kind with lavender. Work is stressful, and a daily soak relaxes her. The woman next ... »

Positively Plush

If most of what you know about plush comes from a collection of stuffed animals on a tween's twin bed, you may be in for a few surprises. The first one might be that... »

A New Shade of Cool

Shades. Whether glamour and glitz, intrigue or sport, for decades they have been the little fashion add-on that defines the look, the attitude, the ultimate fashion ... »


Someone compared picture frames to chocolate: affordable, easy to find, portable, and highly addictive. But whether it's an "addiction" or "passion," people who like... »

What’s New in Novelties

Remember the novelties of your youth? Those back-of-the-comic-book, dime- (or dollar-) store gags and goodies—Groucho glasses, trolls, pet rocks, the goofy and... »

Common Areas Go Upscale

It's something of a quiet evolution, but hardly invisible. Malls have been courting upscale specialty retail for their common areas for some time. As malls have grow... »
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