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Show Offs!

What's New in Demo Show me! It's not only the state slogan of Missouri—it's what every customer wants when they're shopping, especially for new, improved, inve... »

T-Shirts: Back on Top

The T-shirt, that staple of casual couture, is back in a big way. Its popularity has waxed and waned in the last 40 years, but they're on top again, smarter than eve... »

Toy Time

Some things never change: Kids love toys is one of them. And toys of all kinds on carts, at kiosks and in stores are perennial favorites, and a holiday-season staple... »


In 1963, one in ten Americans owned a pair of Hush Puppies, the tan or black brushed-suede shoes with the crepe sole. They were the casual shoe for men, women and ki... »

Getting Personal

Come the holidays, shoppers will comb the malls in search of unique gifts that don't require a lot of cash, but do require some degree of thought—or at least l... »

Ante Up!

Ante Up! It's the new battle cry. Poker has come out of the shadows and into the limelight in the past two years, bringing with it a whole new category of poker-rela... »

Hot Shades

As the accessory du jour, today's shades go everywhere, day and night, outdoors and in. Sunglasses have been a big item since the 1940s and '50s, but the current cra... »


Once upon a time, charms were used to ward off enemies; a generation or two ago, they commemorated special events; and today, they're just for fun and fashion—... »

Merchandise with a Message

A movement is afoot. Or maybe it's more a cultural quest. Americans are increasingly seeking meaning in these troubled times. And in that search they respond to and ... »

Faux, Fun and Fabulous

Baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads. The song may be old, but today's costume jewelry is all new—and never more in vogue. From oversized faux gems to enamel p... »

For Pet’s Sake!

Americans love their pets, especially dogs and cats. No secret there! On warm weekends, parks resound with the happy barking of doggie denizens, and countless reside... »

In The Garden

People are getting out more these days—but they're not going far. And they're concerned with outward appearances. Of their homes, that is. Not just "curb appea... »

Silver Appeal

Who's wearing silver jewelry these days? Everyone. And not just earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings and pendants, although certainly all of that. Silver is now bigge... »

Warm and Woolly

As wintry weather moves into much of the country and Jack Frost nips at noses and toes, folks dig into their winter wardrobes and pull out hats, scarves, gloves and ... »

The Joy of Toys

Before long, the weather will turn frosty, Santa's elves will start pulling all-nighters, and parents will comb the malls in droves for the perfect toys to put under... »
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