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Pop-ups: A New Domain for Online Retailers

Cyber retailers test the waters of brick-and-mortar retail through pop-up stores. Online retailers ranging from small independents to giants such as eBay and Google... »

(Not so) Rocky Road

A new franchise operation in Brookfield Square Mall, Brookfield, Wisconsin, is sweet switch for former furniture salesman. 1. The Problem. The Solution. Though he ... »

Beyond Burial Basics

An unusual franchise is looking to be a popular concept in shopping centers. A custom casket franchise at a mall might sound unusual, but for Nathan Smith and Trac... »

Arkansas On Their Mind

Two entrepreneurs, who love their state but like to joke about it, build a following through Facebook. And expand the concept of personalization to an entire state. ... »

Kiosks Land at Denver Airport

New RMU program is now one of the largest in the airport industry. Kiosks and RMUs have been cleared for take-off at Denver International Airport. The airport unveil... »

Letting Their Hair Down

An entrepreneur takes off with an extension of her former business. Kellie Smith worked in full-service salons for 16 years and always found the process of fitting ... »

Personalized Profits

Personalized prints deliver impressive profit margins. When Tom Meyers personalized direct mail for customers, he wondered if the same software system could be put ... »

New Program Has Mile-High Expectations

An improved specialty leasing program is looking to revitalize downtown Denver. The "Mile-High City" has launched a new and improved downtown specialty leasing pro... »

Slap Happy

A new twist on watches revives an almost forgotten fashion trend. When Jim Howard and Lori Montag of Big Time Brands were trying to develop a new style of watches l... »

All That Glitters

Glimmer Body Art, the temporary tattoo company, has its eyes set on the specialty retail market and is hoping for sales to sparkle. Temporary tattoos aren't just for... »

Having Her Cake—and Eating It Too!

A Canadian entrepreneur won the chance to offer her cupcake alternative in a mall—rent-free. Celeste Bodnaryk, owner of Sphere-Licious, got to sell her product fo... »

Nailing a New Idea

At Fancy Nail's Bar, customers can choose from 7,000 designs or create their own on a computer screen, and voila, the machine prints the ready-to-apply design. With ... »

Cool Business Opportunity

Tropical Sno is banking on the fact that simple shaved ice treats make for sizzling hot sales everywhere. Tropical Sno's shaved ice is a hot-weather treat that sells... »

Hair to Stay

Specialty retailer AnnaMack Hardison has transformed her hobby into a successful business both online and at the mall. When AnnaMack Hardison was growing up, her mo... »

Sizing Made Simple

Mybestfit, a new kiosk concept, takes the guesswork out of shopping. A new technology is allowing shoppers at Pennsylvania's King of Prussia Mall to find perfect pa... »
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