A Fresh Scoop

The market for frozen yogurt might be reaching the saturation point but YoFresh has a workaround. The popularity of self-serve yogurt franchises can’t be ignored,... »

Falafels for Foodies

New casual dining concept entices food-lovers with flavors and top-it-yourself sandwiches. Franchisees are now lining up to get in on the action. Amsterdam is known... »

Starch On

The potato is no longer a side dish at the fast-casual franchise Potatopia; it’s the star of the meal. CEO Allen Dikker put the spotlight on spuds in 2011 after w... »

Snackin’ on Spuds

A new franchise capitalizes on the popularity of potatoes. Who doesn’t love French fries? According to the Food and Drug Administration, the average American cons... »

A Taste for Success

Unusual flavors and a variety of size offerings have been this cupcake shop’s recipe for success. America’s love of cupcakes shows no signs of easing any time s... »
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