Retail Locations

On Location in Las Vegas

In Vegas, every shopping center, every redevelopment, every project in the works seems impossibly more impressive than the last. From new developments like Town Squa... »

Boost Your Capture Power

What determines the success of one kiosk and the failure of another? At Envirosell, we've researched that question in depth for some of the leading kiosk-based retai... »

San Jose: Power Market

The Place to BeWhen Dionne Warwick belted out her hit, "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" back in 1968, it was a whole different town. Back then San Jose's populatio... »

On Location in Baltimore

Get In On It With a record 17 million tourists visiting Baltimore in 2005—and more importantly, with their spending at a record high of $3 billion—Charm ... »

Bling My Program!

Makeovers While TV has been busy documenting makeovers of everything from homes to human beings, a Virginia shopping center has created its own total makeover—... »

Who’s Your Anchor?

Daniel Parks had barely moved his Fifth Avenue women's accessory business into Danbury Fair Mall when Federated Department Stores shuttered one of the center's five ... »

Airport Retail

Flying High In 2000, Bruce McCorvey opened his first airport location for Miami-based Better Vision Group, which primarily sells reading glasses. Today he has three ... »

New Orleans’ Fleur-de-lis Spirit

Not long after the hurricane, business owners, musicians, politicians and Average Joes and Janes were sporting fleur-de-lis pins in a spirit of camaraderie and commi... »

On Location: Southern California

In southern California there are "many opportunities for the specialty leasing entrepreneur, because there are so many shopping centers," says Susie Grant, specialty... »


Big Draw, Big Deal, Big Business You won't find "megamall" or "mega-mall" in the dictionary or even in the International Council of Shopping Centers' list of shoppin... »

On Location: Puerto Rico

Retail is alive and well in Puerto Rico, and the island has a wealth of wonderful places to shop—malls, plazas and other centers, as well as districts like Con... »

On Location: Boston

Some say American history begins with Boston, the birthplace of the American Revolution: Paul Revere's midnight ride, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre and t... »

Lifestyle Choices

Depending on whom you talk to, a lifestyle center is either the latest shopping-center format or a new take on an old approach. To some, a lifestyle center is a comm... »

Retailing in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor Markets Ask specialty retailers what their biggest challenge is, and you'll get answers like product mix, or hiring, or profits. But chances are, you won't h... »

Developing the Future

The world of shopping-center development is anything but static. Plans are on the board for 19 shopping centers—malls, urban villages, festival marketplaces an... »
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