Market Profiles

The Craft Market – A Story of Social Entrepreneurship

Tourism brochures often describe Cape Town in South Africa, as a place where "the world meets the water's edge." It is here that visitors can find a unique craft mar... »

Vegas Venues Mean Big Business

Taking Advantage Talk about foot traffic! Would you like to operate in an open-air mall that attracts more than 18 million visitors a year? Or in a casino resort ful... »

Inside Dubai’s Specialty Leasing Scene

Festival City Renowned for its sand, sun and shopping, Dubai City is the most-populous city in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates... »

On Location in Las Vegas

In Vegas, every shopping center, every redevelopment, every project in the works seems impossibly more impressive than the last. From new developments like Town Squa... »

New Orleans’ Fleur-de-lis Spirit

Not long after the hurricane, business owners, musicians, politicians and Average Joes and Janes were sporting fleur-de-lis pins in a spirit of camaraderie and commi... »

On Location: Southern California

In southern California there are "many opportunities for the specialty leasing entrepreneur, because there are so many shopping centers," says Susie Grant, specialty... »

On Location: Puerto Rico

Retail is alive and well in Puerto Rico, and the island has a wealth of wonderful places to shop—malls, plazas and other centers, as well as districts like Con... »

On Location: Boston

Some say American history begins with Boston, the birthplace of the American Revolution: Paul Revere's midnight ride, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre and t... »

On Location: Southern California

If Southern California isn't exactly "magical," as some people say it is, it's certainly magnetic—especially for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. From the... »

On Location: Baltimore

If you ask Baltimore natives what not to miss here in the Charm City, they'll tell you without hesitation—the Inner Harbor. The city grew up around this harbor... »

Toronto: Open for Business

Good news! Toronto and its treasures are well within reach. Even though Canada's largest city is situated in the Great White North, Toronto isn't as far north as you... »

Inside Outlets

Take a look inside outlet centers. Defined as properties in which 50 percent or more of the tenants are manufacturer's outlets, these centers are another viable opti... »

Greetings from Denver

Rocky Mountain Mecca Naturally, while you're in Denver you'll want to check out the area's many fine shopping centers during your trade show visit. To make your mall... »
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