London Means Business

Specialty retail in London–and Europe–is taking advantage of innovative new concepts and temporary leasing strategies to bring dynamic new experiences to shopper... »

A Flavor of Florida

Artegon Marketplace Orlando opened its doors in November 2014, unveiling Florida’s largest indoor marketplace and over 150 specialty retail opportunities. Insid... »

Livin’ La Vida Local

All across the country, as the locavore concept has kicked into high gear, shopping centers are coming full circle with concepts for the common area.  It doesn’t... »

Hong Kong: Shoppers’ Paradise

Traditional markets? Check. Luxury designers? Check. This port city takes its shopping seriously and treasured finds await both the novice and veteran shopper. What... »

Driving Business Downtown

As millennials move back into cities, urban downtowns are undergoing retail revitalization. A silent revolution in retailing is taking place in urban downtowns with... »

Thinking Outside the Box

Macerich masterfully creates a unique retail concept combining independent retail with a 'shop-local' focus. Macerich, the shopping center developer known for its p... »

Service Sells

Customers visiting shopping centers for more than just pretty products are looking for services and fun experiences with friends and family. And specialty retailers ... »

‘Casual’ Leasing in Australia

Innovative new specialty retail concepts and a whole range of high-end kiosks are a blockbuster combination in Australia. We take a closer look at specialty leasing ... »

London Centers Take the Gold

The Olympics showcased premier London centers to the world and their model has lessons for centers everywhere. It is easy for any traveler to see the dramatic influ... »

Rise and Shine in Cleveland

Specialty Retail Report hosts regional networking event. On June 15, Specialty Retail Report sponsored a breakfast in Cleveland, Ohio, bringing together area retail... »


Looking for a boost in traffic, shopping centers have taken to hosting farmers’ markets on their grounds. Is the strategy working? Over the past few years, as sho... »
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