Visual Merchandising

Clear the Clutter

Too much clutter in already cramped cart quarters can turn off customers. Here are some ideas to rid displays of clutter. The statement, "less is more" as a rule fo... »

SRR’s 14th Annual Visual Victories Award Winners

Specialty Retail Report knows quality visual merchandising is a vital cornerstone to success in the industry. A beautifully merchandised cart or kiosk makes an insta... »

From Pushcart to RMU

Thirty years ago, specialty retail was born and the pushcart was pressed into service. One visual merchandiser reminisces about those humble beginnings, the evolutio... »

Color Makes a Splash!

Regularly updating your merchandise displays is a great way to draw customer attention; and one of the simplest ways to do just that is by the judicious use of color... »

Profitable Promotions

Retail merchandising units in malls often do a terrific job advertising for local businesses or even in-house stores. Here are some examples of what it takes to crea... »

Found Art Risers: A Step Above

Visual merchandising with props and custom secondary fixtures makes a big difference in the look of your RMU, kiosk or inline store. Creating something specific for ... »

SRR’s 13th Annual Visual Victories Award Winners

Specialty Retail Report has always believed in the necessity of quality visual merchandising to successfully sell product. We also celebrate the creativity and intel... »

Hot Spots

Did you know that every RMU has a "hot" (high-volume) sales area and a "cold" one? Figuring out where yours are—and merchandising accordingly—will increase your ... »

Kill Dead Space

When all you've got is a small cart to sell your goods, making use of every square inch—beautifully and with impact—is a must. See how our expert visual merchand... »

Holiday Shine!

The challenge here is to decorate an RMU that sells frames, for the holidays. The before picture of the RMU shows a grouping of frames on a "shelving" unit made up o... »

SRR’s 12th Annual Visual Victories Award Winners

Categories and Judges Specialty Retail Report is pleased to present the winners of this year's Visual Victories Awards, sponsored by Glimcher Realty Trust, a premier... »

11th Annual Visual Victories Awards

The Best-of-the-Best Specialty Retail Report is pleased to present the 21 winners of our 11th Annual Visual Victories Awards, celebrating excellence in visual mercha... »

Cool, Classy and Quirky Carts and Kiosks

Innovative Specialty Leasing Programs Unique." "Desirable." These are the adjectives Deborah S. Kravitz uses to describe some of the most innovative specialty leasin... »

Visual Solutions

Make it Metal Sleek, funky, cutting-edge, sophisticated—you can strike any look with today's metal signage. Of course, no matter what materials they're made of... »

Visual Solutions

Natural Accents Can your display benefit from a touch of Mother Nature? Flowers can be displayed in their natural state to lend an air of elegance and luxury to your... »
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