Visual Merchandising

SRR’s 15th Annual Visual Victories Awards

If there’s one thing that can make an instant impression and boost sales, it’s a beautifully merchandised cart. Specialty Retail Report knows that high-impact vi... »

Winter Wows

Looking for a winter wonderland? Here are some ideas for merchandising both winter and holiday-themed carts and RMUs. Holiday gifts in specialty retail often includ... »

Clear the Clutter

Too much clutter in already cramped cart quarters can turn off customers. Here are some ideas to rid displays of clutter. The statement, "less is more" as a rule fo... »

From Pushcart to RMU

Thirty years ago, specialty retail was born and the pushcart was pressed into service. One visual merchandiser reminisces about those humble beginnings, the evolutio... »

SRR’s 14th Annual Visual Victories Award Winners

Specialty Retail Report knows quality visual merchandising is a vital cornerstone to success in the industry. A beautifully merchandised cart or kiosk makes an insta... »

Color Makes a Splash!

Regularly updating your merchandise displays is a great way to draw customer attention; and one of the simplest ways to do just that is by the judicious use of color... »

Profitable Promotions

Retail merchandising units in malls often do a terrific job advertising for local businesses or even in-house stores. Here are some examples of what it takes to crea... »

Found Art Risers: A Step Above

Visual merchandising with props and custom secondary fixtures makes a big difference in the look of your RMU, kiosk or inline store. Creating something specific for ... »

Hot Spots

Did you know that every RMU has a "hot" (high-volume) sales area and a "cold" one? Figuring out where yours are—and merchandising accordingly—will increase your ... »

SRR’s 13th Annual Visual Victories Award Winners

Specialty Retail Report has always believed in the necessity of quality visual merchandising to successfully sell product. We also celebrate the creativity and intel... »

Kill Dead Space

When all you've got is a small cart to sell your goods, making use of every square inch—beautifully and with impact—is a must. See how our expert visual merchand... »

Holiday Shine!

The challenge here is to decorate an RMU that sells frames, for the holidays. The before picture of the RMU shows a grouping of frames on a "shelving" unit made up o... »

SRR’s 12th Annual Visual Victories Award Winners

Categories and Judges Specialty Retail Report is pleased to present the winners of this year's Visual Victories Awards, sponsored by Glimcher Realty Trust, a premier... »

Cool, Classy and Quirky Carts and Kiosks

Innovative Specialty Leasing Programs Unique." "Desirable." These are the adjectives Deborah S. Kravitz uses to describe some of the most innovative specialty leasin... »

11th Annual Visual Victories Awards

The Best-of-the-Best Specialty Retail Report is pleased to present the 21 winners of our 11th Annual Visual Victories Awards, celebrating excellence in visual mercha... »
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