Visual Merchandising

20th Annual Visual Victories Awards

It’s hard to believe that our annual Visual Victories Awards celebration is now 20 years young. Over the years, the ingenuity of visual merchandisers through thei... »

19th Annual Visual Victories Awards

More than thirty years ago, when specialty retail was still a nascent industry, there was no such thing as an RMU, and a mall cart was an afterthought with large clu... »

4 Tips for Hiring and Working with a Visual Merchandiser

By Peter Janecky Hiring and working with a visual merchandiser is an essential part of the success of any specialty retail outlet. Networking, background research... »

Make Your Pop-Up Look Permanent

Some pop-ups are meant to look temporary, but follow this advice if you want to convince any customer that your shop is permanent. It’s often said that if you w... »

18th Annual Visual Victories Awards

Constant innovation is not easy and yet it’s the very hallmark of the specialty retail industry that continually responds to trends, reacts to customer feedback an... »

Designing a Successful Kiosk

Learn how Maria Rivolta’s kiosk at Mall of America draws in customers for its line of jewelry, watches and accessories. Brett Beaudette While kiosks offer ma... »

Fixture Fixation

Flat sales? Your boring old fixtures might be the problem. Learn how to fix the problem handily. Fixtures play a strong role in visual merchandising, which in turn ... »

Color’s Cachet

Color plays a vital role in drawing customers to your door. Learn the basic principles of color theory so your merchandising signals harmony and invites sales. Usin... »

17th Annual Visual Victories Awards 2014

Imagine your customer walking along in the mall, casually browsing, occasionally distracted by her phone. Now think of what it might take for her to stop at your doo... »

Makeover Magic

How do you convert boring and cluttered to head-turning and attention-getting RMUs? We visit some examples to show you how it’s done. (more…)... »

Graphic(s) Language

We have all heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When properly selected, pictures and graphics can translate into real money for your busines... »

16th Annual Visual Victories Awards

Remember that popular slogan—image is everything? In the common area, that mantra sure works. No matter how wonderful your products, if your RMU is cluttered or do... »

Fixated on Fixtures

Not enough storage room. Poor lighting. Sound familiar? You can make your fixtures work for you. This retailer's example tells you how. The difference between good ... »

Tips for Trendy Carts

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the elements of visual merchandising principles. Here’s a look at how three carts have stuck to the basics with bold results. A ... »

London Calling

In London, Westfield has created two destination shopping centers—Westfield London and Westfield Stratford—that are both architecturally stunning and merchandise... »
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