Merchandising and Marketing

Contests Create Customers

Staging a Contest Creates Excitement and Sales "Everyone wants to be a winner." This universal ambition applies to your customers, too. So why not accommodate them? ... »

Guide to Holiday Profits 2006

Introduction and Statistics Whether you're a first-time specialty retailer with one kiosk, or a seasoned retailer with dozens of stores, our goal is to give you the ... »

SPREE West Highlights

SPREE West Kicks off in High Gear! Anticipation and excitement were in the air during the opening day of SPREE West, with more than 85 exhibitors occupying more than... »

Seductive Displays

A large portion of purchases during the holiday season are emotion-based—and the best way to tap into shoppers' emotions is by appealing to their senses, start... »

SPREE East Highlights

With more than 900 in attendance, SPREE East proved educational and profitable for exhibitors and attendees. The majority of attendees were from New England, with a ... »

Creating Displays that Pop

Solution: Risers, props and a visually arresting exotic theme A lack of elevation in the original display makes merchandise appear flat and unexciting. Plus, the pre... »

The State of Specialty Retail: An Industry Roundtable

In mid-January, SRR asked six leaders in the specialty retail industry to share their thoughts on Holiday 2005 sales, current rent trends, program diversity, rising ... »

RMU Design Trends: A Pictorial

For Specialty Retail Report's 10th Anniversary issue, we asked several manufacturers of carts, kiosks and other retail merchandising units to take a look back at&mda... »

Holiday Sales Start-Up Calendar

Every seasoned specialty retail entrepreneur will tell you that the sooner you start planning for your holiday sales, the better your chance of retail start-up succe... »

A Booming Business

Funny thing: So many people have happy memories of the "scariest" holiday, Halloween. And that's one reason Americans spent more than $3 billion on Halloween last ye... »

Beating the Big Box this Winter

Back in the day, Main Street was lined with storefronts and dotted with vendors on carts. Then came department stores. And now, "big-box" stores, systematically knoc... »

Selling the Season

Happy Holidays! That cheery saying means something specific—and bankable—for specialty retailers. For the year-round specialty retailer, the October-Dece... »

The Coming of Age of Cause Marketing

You see them everywhere, those ribbon decals in yellow or pink or other colors that are slapped on cars and windows to proclaim the owner's support of the troops or ... »

On A Spree

They came from all over. More than 1,000 attendees and nearly 100 exhibitors came from New England, New York and points south and west, and from as far away as Dubai... »

Are You Selling Necessity or Luxury?

Products are a mixed bag. Some are downright necessities, like soap or diapers or bread or light bulbs. Same for services: If a pipe explodes, you need a plumber. If... »
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