Merchandising and Marketing

A Leg Up On the Competition

First came scarves; now it looks like tights and other legwear are kicking sales into high gear in the accessories department. Looking to glam up everyday outfits, c... »

Beauty on the Go

A special confluence of fashion, fun and social media has meant boom times for beauty services. (more…)... »

Makeover Magic

How do you convert boring and cluttered to head-turning and attention-getting RMUs? We visit some examples to show you how it’s done. (more…)... »

Strategies for Small Business Saturday

Last year’s Small Business Saturday was a big success and plans for are under way to make November 30, the biggest Shop Small initiative yet. Here are some ideas y... »

Spin This Yarn

On the heels of the DIY explosion, comes along knitting, crocheting and even – looming! What is the one craft that celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz... »

Get Noticed

You’ve got an extra special holiday event planned. Or a special product that is just begging to get some air time. How do you get the media—and therefore, your c... »

Instant Message

Accentuate your marketing message by effective use of props. They can draw attention to your kiosk or inline store and creatively tie in with your products’ overal... »

SPREE 2013: A Big Draw

As the specialty retail landscape continues to evolve, SPREE has kept pace. This year’s show in Las Vegas once again successfully delivered cutting-edge new concep... »

2013 Hall of Fame Awards

In an industry full of drive and innovation, the inductees into this year’s Specialty Retail Hall of Fame especially stand out. Four outstanding professionals were... »

Graphic(s) Language

We have all heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When properly selected, pictures and graphics can translate into real money for your busines... »

16th Annual Visual Victories Awards

Remember that popular slogan—image is everything? In the common area, that mantra sure works. No matter how wonderful your products, if your RMU is cluttered or do... »

Fixated on Fixtures

Not enough storage room. Poor lighting. Sound familiar? You can make your fixtures work for you. This retailer's example tells you how. The difference between good ... »

Mall Operations

Mall operations take on a new meaning as hospitals show off a new robotic system in center court. When St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown, NY, wante... »

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

You’ve got all your ducks in a row: the right products, the right center, the right merchandising. Our countdown to the holidays gets you ready for that one last p... »

Tips for Trendy Carts

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the elements of visual merchandising principles. Here’s a look at how three carts have stuck to the basics with bold results. A ... »
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