Merchandising and Marketing

Designing a Successful Kiosk

Learn how Maria Rivolta’s kiosk at Mall of America draws in customers for its line of jewelry, watches and accessories. Brett Beaudette While kiosks offer ma... »

Fixture Fixation

Flat sales? Your boring old fixtures might be the problem. Learn how to fix the problem handily. Fixtures play a strong role in visual merchandising, which in turn ... »

An Eventful Season

How one shopping center gave their customers and merchants a holly, jolly holiday. Black Friday to Christmas Eve. It’s the equivalent of the shopping center indus... »

Consumer Shopping Trends

How are the changing retail buying trends of consumers impacting shopping centers? Study Sponsored by ICSC Conducted by Alexander Babbage, Inc. • Are shopping... »

Franklin Flea: A First for Philly

PREIT’s efforts to rejuvenate one vacant department store space paid off handsomely enough to have it become a model across all properties. Each year The Internat... »

The Third Dimension

3-D printers are already popular abroad. Look for them to start showing up stateside soon. Imagine going up to a kiosk, scanning some information and a photo and wa... »

Have a Holly, Jolly Season

You can see higher profits this holiday season by reducing the amount of stress felt by employees and shoppers. Here are some stress-busters sure to help. It’s ... »

Metrics Matter

The third annual Shopping Center Sponsorship & Advertising Conference drove home some important lessons for attendees. Provocative questions provided an ongoi... »

Consumers’ Choice: Shopping Centers

Shopping centers account for the vast majority of consumer spending. As advances in technology continue to shape the retail landscape, it’s more important than ev... »

An Expanding Specialty

The emergence of creative new opportunities in specialty leasing is opening up new streams of revenue. It is clear now that when The Rouse Company opened Faneuil Ha... »

Selling Sponsorship Opportunities

Developers are increasingly looking for ways to drive net operating income—the fastest way to do it is through driving alternative revenue, sponsorship and media/a... »

A Leg Up On the Competition

First came scarves; now it looks like tights and other legwear are kicking sales into high gear in the accessories department. Looking to glam up everyday outfits, c... »

17th Annual Visual Victories Awards 2014

Imagine your customer walking along in the mall, casually browsing, occasionally distracted by her phone. Now think of what it might take for her to stop at your doo... »

Color’s Cachet

Color plays a vital role in drawing customers to your door. Learn the basic principles of color theory so your merchandising signals harmony and invites sales. Usin... »

Beauty on the Go

A special confluence of fashion, fun and social media has meant boom times for beauty services. (more…)... »
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