Merchandising and Marketing

Merry Ideas for Great Holiday Sales

If you're looking toward the holiday with more dread than delight, you're not alone. Many shell-shocked retailers have their ghosts of Christmas past: Rude customers... »

Nine Secrets of a Great Yellow Pages Ad

Everybody's in the yellow pages. A basic listing is automatic with your business phone line, and you upgrade from there. But with all the competition, not to mention... »

The Power of Color

Color has always been part of the zeitgeist, the mood of an era, especially for goods like fashion, home furnishings, and cars. Major cultural shifts create marked c... »

POP Go Your Holiday Sales

Every retailer looks to the holiday retail season with a mix of excitement and anxiety. It's almost as traditional as the Christmas trees and Santa station in every ... »

Last-Minute Christmas Sales Boosters

You've made a list, checked it twice, and you're ready for the season—or so you think. Is there anything else you can do to help boost holiday sales? Try a few... »

10 Ways to Build a Mailing List

A well-planned direct mail campaign can be one of the best boosters your business will ever have—but a poorly planned one can be costly. Of the many factors th... »

Frequent Buyers

How to Reward Repeat Business Airlines do it. Credit cards do it. So do fast foods and movies and cafés. And now retailers are doing it, too—increasing ... »

Clip and Save: Coupon Strategy for Specialty Retail

Do coupons really generate enough business to cover their costs in advertising and discounts? National studies say they do. Even though coupon redemption is down as ... »

Partnering for Innovation

More than 1,200 people—the most ever—are expected to attend this year's ICSC 10th anniversary Conference. They will learn about the current and evolving ... »

What’s in a Name?

All entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of creating a unique and effective name for their new business. A name establishes the very identity of the business ... »

Ten 11th-Hour Tips for Super Holiday Sales

You've been planning for months, and now you're psyched for the rush of frenzied shoppers, and a strong fourth quarter. But before you wrap up your preparations, try... »

Creating Visual Appeal

The specter of competition from online retail strikes fear in the hearts of specialty retailers and mall developers everywhere. Although the Internet may offer shopp... »

Direct Mail: Avoiding Seven Deadly Mistakes

Direct mail, even budget-conscious efforts, can net impressive increases in sales when they're done right. But advertising consultants say that retailers make common... »

Database Marketing: Know your Customer

Creating a simple database and following the basic principles of database marketing can help you pinpoint customer needs and the best ways to market to them. Not onl... »
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