Marketing for Stores and Products

Are You Selling Necessity or Luxury?

Products are a mixed bag. Some are downright necessities, like soap or diapers or bread or light bulbs. Same for services: If a pipe explodes, you need a plumber. If... »

Website Savvy

For specialty retailers large and small, a Web presence is a must. Contrary to what some cart and kiosk retailers think, a website doesn't compete with your mall loc... »

The Eight Secrets of Great Radio Ads

A good radio commercial pulls customers. A bad commercial disappears into thin air. How do you make a good one? By knowing a few basics—and the eight secrets. ... »

Successful Print Publicity

Incredibly, one of the most potent tools for boosting customer traffic, word-of-mouth referrals and, yes, sales doesn't cost a dime: print publicity. Even more incre... »

Up Your Profits By Upselling

Upselling: Identifying additional customer needs and meeting those needs with additional merchandise. Most retailers know they should do it. And those who do upsell ... »

Postcard Power!

Here's a quiz: You want to invite your best customers to a customer-appreciation event. How do you get the message out? A display ad's not the answer: It addresses t... »

Chamber of Commerce – Untapped Gold

Are you getting the profits you want from your retail business? You may not know it, but you're probably not far from an untapped gold mine: your local chamber of co... »

Newsletters That Pay

If you're like most retailers, you figure you'd make more sales if you could only get your
message out to a large number of your target customers. And you'd be r... »

Free Exposure: Catching the Media’s Eye

The next time you read your local newspaper or magazine, pay attention to how many news or feature articles mention the name of a local businesses. Those mentions re... »

Nine Secrets of a Great Yellow Pages Ad

Everybody's in the yellow pages. A basic listing is automatic with your business phone line, and you upgrade from there. But with all the competition, not to mention... »

10 Ways to Build a Mailing List

A well-planned direct mail campaign can be one of the best boosters your business will ever have—but a poorly planned one can be costly. Of the many factors th... »

Frequent Buyers

How to Reward Repeat Business Airlines do it. Credit cards do it. So do fast foods and movies and cafés. And now retailers are doing it, too—increasing ... »

Clip and Save: Coupon Strategy for Specialty Retail

Do coupons really generate enough business to cover their costs in advertising and discounts? National studies say they do. Even though coupon redemption is down as ... »

What’s in a Name?

All entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of creating a unique and effective name for their new business. A name establishes the very identity of the business ... »

Direct Mail: Avoiding Seven Deadly Mistakes

Direct mail, even budget-conscious efforts, can net impressive increases in sales when they're done right. But advertising consultants say that retailers make common... »
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