Marketing for Stores and Products

Mobile Marketing on the Move

Technology has always played a major role in the evolution of the retail industry. From the introduction of the barcode to the installation of the first IBM 3660 sup... »

Profit from Holiday Promotions

Working in tandem with mall management can make your planned holiday promotions doubly successful. Here are five tips to make it happen. Whether you operate your spe... »

Driving Sales Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile Methods As shopping centers are fine-tuning their mobile marketing strategies, here's a look at some methods that have been tried and tested.
Duffy C. Wei... »

Trends Trackers, Fall 2010

It really is true that every cloud has a silver lining. That saying holds true in retail as well—where the recession has made room for certain concepts to flourish... »

Public Relations, Social Media and Blogs: They Go Hand-in-Hand

How to reach bloggers Bloggers have staked out a strong claim as the latest peddler of news and opinion in a field that had been ruled by print and broadcast journal... »

What trends do you see in specialty retail today?

James H. Allen, Executive VP Local Leasing Simon Property Group
James H. Allen, Executive VP Local Leasing Simon Property Group One interesting aspe... »

Trends Trackers

The recession has forced retailers and mall developers to develop innovative business strategies. Quite a few malls around the country are trying creative leasing id... »

Does Your Sales Pitch Work?

It takes skill to be a great salesperson. Whenever salespeople make a pitch, they put themselves and their company on the line, taking a risk in the hope of a favora... »

What strategies would you recommend for upselling during the holiday season?

When the holiday season is crucial to a retailer's bottom line, you've got to give it your all. Check out these upselling strategies from our panel of industry exper... »

How do you sell product from carts and kiosks effectively without being overly aggressive?

Complaints about aggressive sales techniques by cart operators have been an issue at malls across the country. What other sales strategies can be worked to drive sal... »

A Recession is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Although it might be hard to watch the news sometimes, it helps to remember that in many ways these days are no different than recessions we've faced before (and lik... »

Contests Create Customers

Staging a Contest Creates Excitement and Sales "Everyone wants to be a winner." This universal ambition applies to your customers, too. So why not accommodate them? ... »

RMU Design Trends: A Pictorial

For Specialty Retail Report's 10th Anniversary issue, we asked several manufacturers of carts, kiosks and other retail merchandising units to take a look back at&mda... »

Beating the Big Box this Winter

Back in the day, Main Street was lined with storefronts and dotted with vendors on carts. Then came department stores. And now, "big-box" stores, systematically knoc... »

The Coming of Age of Cause Marketing

You see them everywhere, those ribbon decals in yellow or pink or other colors that are slapped on cars and windows to proclaim the owner's support of the troops or ... »
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