Holiday Sales

The State of Specialty Retail: An Industry Roundtable

In mid-January, SRR asked six leaders in the specialty retail industry to share their thoughts on Holiday 2005 sales, current rent trends, program diversity, rising ... »

Holiday Sales Start-Up Calendar

Every seasoned specialty retail entrepreneur will tell you that the sooner you start planning for your holiday sales, the better your chance of retail start-up succe... »

A Booming Business

Funny thing: So many people have happy memories of the "scariest" holiday, Halloween. And that's one reason Americans spent more than $3 billion on Halloween last ye... »

Selling the Season

Happy Holidays! That cheery saying means something specific—and bankable—for specialty retailers. For the year-round specialty retailer, the October-Dece... »

It’s A Wrap!

Good things come in small packages. Big ones, too. And they're especially good when you wrap your customers' purchases with all the trimmings. Gift-wrapping is the t... »

Merry Ideas for Great Holiday Sales

If you're looking toward the holiday with more dread than delight, you're not alone. Many shell-shocked retailers have their ghosts of Christmas past: Rude customers... »

POP Go Your Holiday Sales

Every retailer looks to the holiday retail season with a mix of excitement and anxiety. It's almost as traditional as the Christmas trees and Santa station in every ... »

Last-Minute Christmas Sales Boosters

You've made a list, checked it twice, and you're ready for the season—or so you think. Is there anything else you can do to help boost holiday sales? Try a few... »

Ten 11th-Hour Tips for Super Holiday Sales

You've been planning for months, and now you're psyched for the rush of frenzied shoppers, and a strong fourth quarter. But before you wrap up your preparations, try... »
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